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janitorial services okc business womanAs the US economy continues its recovery local businesses are preparing for historic growth.  During this time of transition, our company is extending our discounted pricing on all janitorial services for businesses in the Oklahoma City metro.

This includes OKC, Edmond, Norman, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, Mustang and other smaller cities in the area.

JanitorialServicesOKC.com is an independent referral company that helps connect pre-screened cleaning services with local businesses.  We are not salesmen, instead, we serve Oklahoma City business by finding, screening and monitoring professional cleaning companies.

And, there is never a charge to local businesses to use our service.

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To help understand the service we provide, consider the last time you shopped for insurance.  Most likely you called 2-3 companies and gave them the exact information, and then they took that information and ‘shopped’ it around to find you the best rate.

Our company provides a similar service, with a twist.  When you call us we schedule a time to survey your building.  We gather various information on details needed to provide an accurate quote.  This includes the cleanable square footage, number of restrooms, number of cleans per week, etc.

Next, we discuss your cleaning needs and expectations with a designated employee.  This gives us personalize your proposal.

Next, we create a standardized proposal request that will be approved by your company’s designated employee.  Once approved our company will identify up to three local cleaning services in your area that are best suited to service your account.

The process of identifying these companies includes:

  • Their experience cleaning similar type of businesses (school, church, etc)
  • Their experience cleaning similarly sized businesses
  • The level of expected cleaning (general vs. floor vs. windows)
  • Other proprietary considerations

Click To Call (405) 225-0009

The selected companies will receive your standardized proposal form WITHOUT any contact information for your company (no company name, phone, address, etc.)  This ensures that you will not be bothered by multiple people wanting to visit with you.

Each contractor will have 48-hours to return their proposal our company, at which time we will review each proposal for accuracy.  We will use our 20 years experience in the commercial cleaning industry to make sure only realistic proposal are submitted for your consideration.

Finally, each proposal will be returned to your company, along with an overview of the contractor.  This overview will include the number of years of experience, references, and other pertinent information.

Upon request, we are available to offer suggestions, including which company would be the best choice for your cleaning needs.

There is no cost or obligation for you to use our service.  Our expenses are paid for by the Oklahoma janitorial companies we choose to partner with.  Any company found to be dishonest or fails to live up to their commitment will be suspended from using our database or deleted, depending on the offense.

Stop wasting your time doing walkthroughs with multiple cleaning contractors, and then spending hours hearing their ‘pitch’ from commissioned salesmen.

Let our unique system referral service work for you.

Call today to get started.  Our number is  Click To Call (405) 225-0009

 Good Companies NOT In Our Database

In case you prefer the old fashion way of hiring a janitorial company, we are including a list of cleaning companies in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma market that you may want to consider.

  • Agape Janitorial Services (405) 317-3837 AgapeJanitorialOKC.com
  • Spic & Span Commercial Cleaning (405) 330-1172 CommercialCleaningOkCity.com
  • JK Janitorial Services (405) 948-8874 jkjanitorialservices.com
  • City Wide of Oklahoma (405) 696-7233 GoCityWide.com
  • Capitol Cleaning (405) 748-3030 capitolcleaningokc.com
  • Alliance Maintenance (405) 573-7881 AllianceMaintenance.com

Keep in mind that you will have to call each company and schedule an individual walk through and sales presentation.  This is very time-consuming.

Save time and money … Call us today and let us to the ‘heavy lifting’ for you!




Areas we serve: Bethany Oklahoma, Del City Oklahoma, Edmond Oklahoma, Forest Park Oklahoma, Hall Park Oklahoma, Moore Oklahoma, Mustang Oklahoma, Midwest City Oklahoma, Nichols Hills Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Spencer Oklahoma, The Village Oklahoma, Warr Acres Oklahoma, Yukon Oklahoma


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The latitude of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is 35.481918, and the longitude is -97.508469, with the GPS coordinates of 35° 28′ 54.9048” N and 97° 30′ 30.4884” W.





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